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Global chef knife. 

Rye Whiskey. Trying to perfect my old fashioned. Any tips?

Wood pile


Sunday fun.

#allenedmonds #shoecare #horween

Clarks Originals x Concepts Desert Palmer (Burgundy)

Whiskey. Ice sphere.

Denim-head parody of American Psyhco

Cold Wisconsin weather.
-j crew chambray
-Japan Blue denim
-Red Wing 875
-Fjallraven Barents parka

Back to Wisconsin and 5° weather. (at Fort Meyers international airport)

So, I just wanted to briefly write about how awesome Mr. Porter is. I placed an order last week and received my package today. To my delight, it was the best presentation I have seen from a company— ever.

Upon opening the box, there sat the typical packing/ return slips. However, there was also a super nice envelope with a a welcome to Mr. Porter note, along with a embroidered handkerchief/ pocket square. Amazed.

Then I got to the box with my product in it. As dumb as this sounds, the box was super nice, and pretty heavy duty.

Inside the box was my product wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with a customized sticker. Wow.

So this generally wouldn’t be surprising as Mr. Porter sells high-end clothing and accessories. However, all I ordered was a $30 book.

Nice job, Mr. Porter.


New fjallravenusa pack in their legendary G-1000 material. 

CRM119 Kele Okereke - Heartbreaker

Serious jam. I recommend you give it a listen.

Some big ol’ T-bone steaks from The Butcher and Larder in Chicago.

Filson waxed tin cloth is quite water resistant. Seriously awesome jacket.
filson x Levis trucker.